ix support 3 Yrs.
// Application problem solving 3 Yrs.
// Network support general 3 Yrs.
// SIP 3 Yrs.
// VoIP troubleshooting 3 Yrs.
// (Preferred) Bachelor Degree No // BGP and OSPF Routing 3 Yrs.
// BVOIP Technical Support Application 3 Yrs.
// CVOIP technical support application 3 Yrs.
// SIP routing protocols and technologies 3 Yrs.
Troubleshoot and resolve VoIP Applications for Business and Consumer Voice Over IP platforms.
1) Perform and coordinate trouble resolution for Business and Consumer Voice Over IP platforms.
2) Support the VoIP applications and life cycle maintenance teams within the VOIP NRC and Fault Management Groups.
3) Will be responsible for performing Operational Readiness Testing (ORT) on routers, load balancers, and Session Border Controllers within multiple VOIP platforms.
Performing the ORT requires this position to insure that all supported elements have the proper network connectivity, are configured properly, are functioning properly, proper alarming is occurring, and all Operational requirements are met.
4) Identify and troubleshoot VoIP service impacting troubles.

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